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MetaTrader Formulas

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SvePivots Intra day pivot levels

Daily pivot levels calculated on the previous day’s high, low, and close provide important intraday static support & resistance levels.



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//|                               SvePivots.mq4 Version 3.3 |
//|                 Copyright © 2008-2017, Sylvain vervoort |
//|                            |
#property copyright   "©2008-2018, Sylvain vervoort"
#property link        ""
#property description "Pivot points calculated on previous day"
#property description "with Lowest low and Highest high price,"
#property description "Not on Daily, weekly or monthly! 2018 V3.3"
#property description " "
#property description "Make sure you have a clean correct database!"
#property strict

#property indicator_chart_window
#property indicator_buffers 15

#property indicator_color1  Blue
#property indicator_color2  Red
#property indicator_color3  SkyBlue
#property indicator_color4  Coral
#property indicator_color5  Aqua
#property indicator_color6  Pink
#property indicator_color7  LightBlue
#property indicator_color8  Magenta
#property indicator_color9  LightGray
#property indicator_color10 LightGray
#property indicator_color11 LightGray
#property indicator_color12 LightGray
#property indicator_color13 LightGray
#property indicator_color14 LightGray
#property indicator_color15 LightGreen

#property indicator_width1  1
#property indicator_width2  1
#property indicator_width3  1
#property indicator_width4  1
#property indicator_width5  1
#property indicator_width6  1
#property indicator_width7  1
#property indicator_width8  1
#property indicator_width9  1
#property indicator_width10 1
#property indicator_width11 1
#property indicator_width12 1
#property indicator_width13 1
#property indicator_width14 1
#property indicator_width15 1

#property indicator_style1  STYLE_DASH
#property indicator_style2  STYLE_DASH
#property indicator_style3  STYLE_DASH
#property indicator_style4  STYLE_DASH
#property indicator_style5  STYLE_DASH
#property indicator_style6  STYLE_DASH
#property indicator_style7  STYLE_DASH
#property indicator_style8  STYLE_SOLID
#property indicator_style9  STYLE_DASH
#property indicator_style10 STYLE_DASH
#property indicator_style11 STYLE_DASH
#property indicator_style12 STYLE_DASH
#property indicator_style13 STYLE_DASH
#property indicator_style14 STYLE_DASH
#property indicator_style15 STYLE_SOLID

//---- input parameters
extern int DiffLocMinServTme=0; // Difference Local Time Minus Server Time


//---- buffers and other Definitions
double PPBuffer[];  // Pivot Point
double S1Buffer[];  // Support 1
double R1Buffer[];  // Resistance 1
double S2Buffer[];  // Support 1
double R2Buffer[];  // Resistance 2
double S3Buffer[];  // Support 1
double R3Buffer[];  // Resistance 3
double PLBuffer[];  // Previous day low
double S1MBuffer[]; // Support 1 mean value
double R1MBuffer[]; // Resistance 1 mean value
double S2MBuffer[]; // Support 2 mean value
double R2MBuffer[]; // Resistance 2 mean value
double S3MBuffer[]; // Support 3 mean value
double R3MBuffer[]; // Resistance 3 mean value
double PHBuffer[];  // Previous day High
double PP, S1, S2, S3, R1, R2, R3, PL, LastHigh, LastLow;
double S1M, S2M, S3M, R1M, R2M, R3M, PH;
int    GMTDiff = 0, DstTime, DstCorrection, DifLocMinServ;
int    ThisDay, PrevDay;    
bool   SundayTrade = false;
//| SvePivots indicator initialisation function                      |
int OnInit()
// Check validity of the input: Local minus Server time
DifLocMinServ = DiffLocMinServTme;
if( MathAbs(DifLocMinServ) > 12 )
DifLocMinServ = 0;
Alert("Enter a valid difference for Local minus Server time!");
Alert("Invalid! Difference should be +-12, 0 used instead!");

// Buffer parameters  
SetIndexStyle(0,  DRAW_LINE, STYLE_DOT);
SetIndexStyle(1,  DRAW_LINE, STYLE_DOT);
SetIndexStyle(2,  DRAW_LINE, STYLE_DOT);
SetIndexStyle(3,  DRAW_LINE, STYLE_DOT);
SetIndexStyle(4,  DRAW_LINE, STYLE_DOT);
SetIndexStyle(5,  DRAW_LINE, STYLE_DOT);
SetIndexStyle(6,  DRAW_LINE, STYLE_DOT);
SetIndexStyle(7,  DRAW_LINE, STYLE_SOLID);

SetIndexStyle(8,  DRAW_LINE, STYLE_DOT);
SetIndexStyle(9,  DRAW_LINE, STYLE_DOT);
SetIndexStyle(10, DRAW_LINE, STYLE_DOT);
SetIndexStyle(11, DRAW_LINE, STYLE_DOT);
SetIndexStyle(12, DRAW_LINE, STYLE_DOT);
SetIndexStyle(13, DRAW_LINE, STYLE_DOT);
SetIndexStyle(14, DRAW_LINE, STYLE_SOLID);

SetIndexBuffer(0, PPBuffer);
SetIndexBuffer(1, S1Buffer);
SetIndexBuffer(2, R1Buffer);
SetIndexBuffer(3, S2Buffer);
SetIndexBuffer(4, R2Buffer);
SetIndexBuffer(5, S3Buffer);
SetIndexBuffer(6, R3Buffer);
SetIndexBuffer(7, PLBuffer);

SetIndexBuffer(8,  S1MBuffer);
SetIndexBuffer(9,  R1MBuffer);
SetIndexBuffer(10, S2MBuffer);
SetIndexBuffer(11, R2MBuffer);
SetIndexBuffer(12, S3MBuffer);
SetIndexBuffer(13, R3MBuffer);
SetIndexBuffer(14, PHBuffer);

// Daylight saving Time correction
DstTime = TimeDaylightSavings();
// wintertime DstTime == 0
// summertime DstTime == daylight saving time difference in
// seconds (+3600 seconds)
if (DstTime==0) DstCorrection = 3600; else DstCorrection = 0;

// Indicator name
string DiffLocServTime = IntegerToString(DifLocMinServ);

// GMT/UTC Difference Local minus Server time
GMTDiff = TimeHour(TimeGMT()) - TimeHour(TimeLocal()) + DifLocMinServ;

SundayTrade    = false;


//| SvePivots Indicator calculation function                         |
int OnCalculate (const int       rates_total,
const int       prev_calculated,
const datetime& time[],
const double&   open[],
const double&   high[],
const double&   low[],
const double&   close[],
const long&     tick_volume[],
const long&     volume[],
const int&      spread[])
// Do not show daily Pivots on Day, Week or Monthly charts
if(Period() == PERIOD_D1)  return(rates_total);
if(Period() == PERIOD_W1)  return(rates_total);
if(Period() == PERIOD_MN1) return(rates_total);

// How many bars in this chart?
int counted_bars = prev_calculated;    // How may bars in the chart?
if (counted_bars < 0) return(-1);      // No bars return error.
if (counted_bars > 0) counted_bars--;  // -1 to start count from index 0.
int limit=(MathMin(rates_total-counted_bars,rates_total-1));

for(int i=limit; i>=0 && !_StopFlag; i--)
// Handle the output for the first history bar
if(i == limit)
LastLow  = open[i];
LastHigh = open[i];

// Keep track of the highest and lowest price
// reached during the current day
if(high[i+1] > LastHigh) LastHigh = high[i+1];
if(low[i+1]  < LastLow)  LastLow  = low[i+1];

// What day of the week are we?
ThisDay = TimeDayOfWeek(Time[i]  +GMTDiff*3600+DstCorrection);
PrevDay = TimeDayOfWeek(Time[i+1]+GMTDiff*3600+DstCorrection);

// Is there data available starting on a Sunday (forex)?
// If yes, set SundayTrade TRUE.
if(ThisDay == 0) SundayTrade = true;

// If current bar and previous bar are within the same day,
// or current bar is a Saterday, just extend the current pivot level
if(ThisDay - PrevDay == 0 || ThisDay == 6) FunctionWriteCurrPivot(i);

// If current and previous day are different AND not a Saterday or
// not a Sunday trade then calculate and draw new pivots
else if(ThisDay != PrevDay && !SundayTrade && ThisDay != 6)
double PriceClose = close[i+1];
double PriceOpen  = open [i];
FunctionCalcNewPivots (i,PriceClose,PriceOpen);
// If there are Sunday Trading hours and this is a Monday,the new week is
// already started on the Sunday, we just extend the Sunday values
else if(SundayTrade && ThisDay == 1) FunctionWriteCurrPivot(i);
// If we have a day change AND trading on Sunday true, we handle it here
// calculating the new pivots and draw them on the chart
else if(ThisDay != PrevDay && SundayTrade)
double PriceClose = close[i+1];
double PriceOpen  = open [i];
FunctionCalcNewPivots (i,PriceClose,PriceOpen);

// +------------------------------------------------------------------+
// Function, store current pivot values for this new bar              |
// +------------------------------------------------------------------+

int FunctionWriteCurrPivot(int a)
PPBuffer[a]  = PP;
S1Buffer[a]  = S1;
R1Buffer[a]  = R1;
S2Buffer[a]  = S2;
R2Buffer[a]  = R2;
S3Buffer[a]  = S3;
R3Buffer[a]  = R3;
PLBuffer[a]  = PL;

S1MBuffer[a] = S1M;
R1MBuffer[a] = R1M;
S2MBuffer[a] = S2M;
R2MBuffer[a] = R2M;
S3MBuffer[a] = S3M;
R3MBuffer[a] = R3M;
PHBuffer [a] = PH;

// +-------------------------------------------------------------------+
// Function calculate new pivott values for this new bar               |
// +-------------------------------------------------------------------+

int FunctionCalcNewPivots(int a, double PrClose, double PrOpen)
PP =  (LastHigh + LastLow        + PrClose) / 3;
R1 =  (2*PP)    - LastLow;
S1 =  (2*PP)    - LastHigh;
R2 =  PP        + (LastHigh      - LastLow);
S2 =  PP        - (LastHigh      - LastLow);
R3 =  (2*PP)    + (LastHigh      - (2*LastLow));
S3 =  (2*PP)    - ((2* LastHigh) - LastLow);
PL              = LastLow;

R1M = (R1-PP)/2 + PP;
S1M = (PP-S1)/2 + S1;
R2M = (R2-R1)/2 + R1;
S2M = (S1-S2)/2 + S2;
R3M = (R3-R2)/2 + R2;
S3M = (S2-S3)/2 + S3;
PH  = LastHigh;

LastLow      = PrOpen;
LastHigh     = PrOpen;
PrevDay      = ThisDay;
// ------------------------------------------------------------------------

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