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August 29: New comments S&P500 & FOREX EUR/USD

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S&P500 Analysis: -Daily -Weekly -Monthly -Template -Formulas -Real-Time - HOME

S&P500 Technical Analysis

Please look at all charts, monthly, weekly and daily before making your own conclusion. You can find HERE a description of the chart template used.

Weekly chart


The used chart template is explained HERE.

Last week I wrote: "Last week I mentioned: "I do expect a further move down to create a wave 3 down". We got a big candle down to the low side of the volatility channel, the 100 week average and some price support and past the median line of a downward pitchfork. This may very well be a confirmation of a long term reversal. We must expect a further move down for a wave 3.2, but there will be some retracement for a correction wave 2 before that. Next week possibly the down move will continue".

I mentioned last week that I was expecting some up retracement before a continuation of the down move. This was not the case because the index moved straight to a low around 1865. Wednesday the up reaction started, recovering the complete move down and closing the week higher. We are now at a 50% retracement from the top wave 3.12 and the 3.1 wave down, reaching the median line of a down moving pitchfork and some previous price resistance. Basically I expect the coming week to close lower, possibly after some more retracement.

The longer term SVEPRExp expert system is black. Green means a long position and black a short position for the long term on this weekly chart. You can find more information about SVEPRExp HERE and HERE!

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For FOREX traders; here I keep updated FOREX EUR/USD charts.

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The index reaches the median line of the down moving pitchfork.

Long term target at 2114 was reached weeks ago, the reversal started!

There is support at 1850 and resistance at 2050 and 2130.

Moving down, after a double negative divergence.

Fast Stochastic RSI indicator:
Moving down with a negative divergence.

Moving down with a negative divergence.

SVEPRExp expert system:
The long term investor on a weekly basis has an open short position.

S&P 500 weekly chart

NinjaTrader® charts courtesy of NINJATRADER®

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S&P500 Analysis Charts: -Daily -Weekly -Monthly -Template -Formulas -SPY Real Time

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