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- The Kirk Report - Q&A With Sylvain Vervoort

Thursday, December 17, 2009 at 8:16 AM

Interviewed by Charles E. Kirk from "The Kirk Report"

I have had the distinct privilege of interviewing a number of top traders who utilize technical analysis to produce significant outperformance in the market. Continuing that tradition, this month I am honored to share this extensive Q&A with Sylvain Vervoort who has over 35 years of trading experience.

When I read Vervoort’s new book Capturing Profit with Technical Analysis, I was so impressed with its straightforward, no nonsense educational format that I felt compelled to invite him in for a Q&A. Mr. Vervoort’s book is the best trading book I’ve read this year.

Read the complete interview.

Stocks & Commodities Interview

May 2014, Part 1

Interviewed by Jayanthi Gopalakrishnan from "Stocks & Commodities magazine"
CopyRight 2014 Stocks & Commodities magazine.

Sylvain, tell us about how you got interested in technical analysis.

The European Option Exchange (EOE) was founded in 1978 in Amsterdam as a futures and options exchange. I believe it was 1979 when an enthusiastic stock trading colleague at work talked to me about the possibility of trading options. He convinced me that this was the place to be — make a lot of money with little starting capital. With a group of other colleagues, we gathered some 400,000 Belgian francs (some 10,000 US dollars) to start an option investment club. I was going to make the trades based on technical analysis, and everybody would become rich in no time! A few months later, the money was gone. Luckily, we continued our meetings at a nearby Chinese restaurant, so it wasn’t all sad. Since then, I have been on what seems to be a never-ending quest to find the ideal way of trading the stock market based purely on technical analysis. After completing an investment and credit advisor course, I conducted many courses and presentations about technical analysis and options. The best thing about presenting a course is that as a teacher, you learn the most; many thanks to all who have attended my courses!

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