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March 25, 2017: New comments S&P500

BBS Trading Expert is available with the "BAND INDICATORS" DVD! Watch the Youtube BBS video and here is a crude oil trading example

BBS Band Break System trading Sylvain Vervoort


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MetaTrader formulas.

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Capturing Profit with Technical Analysis

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Here you will find the links to YouTube videos I have created to make your technical analysis learning process even more faster and easy.

Starting from video_34, the introduction, I am trading the stock GCI live with a YouTube video update every weekend. If you want to follow-up the trades live, use the RSS feed at the top right side of this page.

HERE are special replies to YouTube text comments to be able to use chart pictures!

More technical analysis? Have a look at my contributions in the Traders Library Blog site.

Video_01: Bar charts, candlestick charts and the use of linear and logarithmic scaling.
Video_02: Basic support and resistance on price charts.
Video_03: Volume.
Video_04: Trend Lines
Video_05: Trend Lines long term trading example.
Video_06: Trend Channels.
Video_07: Moving Averages.
Video_08: Trend Reversal patterns.
Video_09: Trend continuation patterns.
Video_10: Windows Support and Resistance.
Video_11: RSI indicator.
Video_12: The heikin ashi candle chart.
Video_13: Introduction to candle charts part 1.
Video_14: Introduction to candle charts part 2.
Video_15: Candlestick chart basic patterns.
Video_16: Candlestick charts Top reversal patterns.
Video_17: Candlestick charts Bottom reversal patterns.
Video_18: Is Technical Analysis Profitable?
Video_19: Candlestick charts continuation patterns.
Video_20: Introduction to Elliott Waves.
Video_21: Elliott Impulse Waves.
Video_22: Elliott Correction Waves.
Video_23: Fibonacci targets and retracements.
Video_24: Elliott Waves Price Targets.
Video_25: Counting Elliott Waves.
Video_26: The Andrews Pitchfork.
Video_27: Money Management.
Video_28: Initial stop setting.
Video_29: Trailing Percentage Stop.
Video_30: Trailing ATR Stop.
Video_31: TR&NDS Trailing Stop.
Video_32: Trading Long with Technical Analysis.
Video_33: Trading Short with Technical Analysis.

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Video_34: Introduction to Swing Trading the Stock GCI.
Video_35: Swing Trading GCI week_01
Video_36: Swing Trading GCI week_02
Video_37: Swing Trading GCI week_03
Video_38: Swing Trading GCI week_05
Video_39: Swing Trading GCI week_06
Video_40: Swing Trading GCI week_07
Video_41: Swing Trading GCI week_08
Video_42: Swing Trading GCI week_09
Video_43: Stock Filtering & Swing Trading GCI week_10
Video_44: Swing Trading GCI week_11
Video_45: Fast Crossings Part 1
Video_46: Fast Crossings Part 2
Video_47: SATS5 Expert Trading System
Video_48: BBS Expert Trading System






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